I am an IT professional and technologist based in London, UK.

Here you will find various things that interest me and, I hope, others.

I tend to publish long form articles some of which take a while to compile and present, hence sometimes long gaps between posts. Content is generally technology related.

I have a particular interest in the history of computing going back to the origins of the digital computer at Bletchley Park in the 1940’s. My intention is to publish a set of articles that document the emergence of digital computers out of necessity during World War II. There are two articles on the site that start that story:

Other than that there are write-ups of the various software and technology projects I have built or experiemented with. I enjoy coding in Go, so most of the software projects are written in Go.

Watch this space for more codebreaking, Go and retro computing content.

Latest Post

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How I setup my macOS Terminal

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I reimplemented Text Elite in Go, with a console UI for the trading game. Why? Why not?

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After a year of commuting by bicycle in London, here is what I have learnt

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Why the management part of secrets is more important than just secure storage

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Things to know before you buy a VanMoof S3 in the UK

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Password expiry policies offer no security benefit and are the bane of users lives

  The Story of Cracking the Enigma. Part One - Marian Rejewski and the Reverse Engineering of Enigma
Part one of a series on the cracking of Enigma. It starts with some Polish genius

  Building an SSH Honeypot and analysing the results with Elastic Stack
My Simple SSH honeypot. Built to see who comes knocking. And an excuse to dump some data into Elasticsearch to see what we can make of it

A comment on the current state of affairs

  Building and Deploying my Hugo Site with GitHub Actions
My experience building and deploying a self-hosted Hugo Site using GitHub Actions